Our Story

We are here to relieve your stress and keep you from getting caught up in the rat race of finding the perfect vendors who match your specifications and budget. We roll up our sleeves so you can focus on having fun and creating cherishing moments with loved ones to create treasured memories.

Let’s wind it back to the beginning…

Whilst living abroad in Montreal, Canada, our co-founder Cassie was approached by her childhood friend, Kim, with a special request. Not only did Kim want Cassie to be her bridesmaid at her impending wedding, she also wanted Cassie to plan it from scratch (Kim knew that there would be no-one better to plan her dream wedding than Cassie).

Cassie accepted with honour, and assessed the situation. Kim was an international athlete, and Cassie knew all too well that the catering for the event would need to be expertly planned, due to Kim’s upcoming journey to compete at a world level in Japan, only three months post-wedding.

Enter, Corryne (our other extraordinarily talented co-founder), another one of Cassie’s childhood friends. Cassie approached Corryne, who at the time was the Head Chef of the Golden Door Health Retreat, hoping that she would be open to joining in the festivities and lending a hand with her culinary expertise. Corryne said YES (sigh of relief for Cassie)!

Now, Cassie and Corryne, although great friends, couldn’t be more different. That’s why they make the ultimate dynamic duo: 20 years of friendship will lead you to intricately know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and it is the main contributor that allows them to work seamlessly together.

Back to Kim’s wedding: as you may expect, it was a huge success! All of the attendees were blown away by the attention to detail, especially in the intricate features of the event, which are usually overlooked. Whispers were made in passing by Cassie, that if she were to return home, the two should consider this as a business venture. Corryne looked to Cassie and said, “you’ve been gone long enough, it’s time you came home – let’s do it!”.

Fun fact: did you know that Flamingos are actually white, not pink? Neither did anyone else at the party, until Corryne started on a tangent about how the algae in their food causes Flamingo feathers to turn pink.

A random fact, yes, but this brought Flamingo Flare’s name to fruition. Since the business was envisioned and brought to life at the party, after realising that they each had something special that should be presented to others, it was only fitting that their business name would be inspired by the party that brought two childhood friends back together.

Cassie and Corryne decided that they would be the Flamingos that brought the Flare! And with that, Flamingo Flare was born. Cassie travelled back to Montreal to embark on the journey of packing up her life abroad, returning back home to Corryne in the Newcastle Hunter Region, to begin on this endeavour together.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our story and now we can’t wait to hear yours! We look forward to creating a magical event that perfectly represents all the uniqueness that is you.



After spending several years abroad, Cassie embarked on a new venture, one that bought her to Newcastle and surrounded her with Flamingos. Cassie, a dog mum is a creative who continues to evolve with new ideas, she has a burning passion and flair for style.

Cassie Valentine
Corryne Parkhill


A country girl at heart, Corryne is a loving parter and mother to her gorgeous children. Her life-long passion for food started in the outback town of Birdsville and has led her across Australia, tasting all of the culinary delights our vast country has to offer. Wanting to expand on this, Corryne continued her culinary journey throughout Europe and Thailand where she learnt about different cultures and dishes which have inspired her to this day.